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  • Adjustable bale arm fits round bale diameters of 152.4 cm to 177.8 cm (60 in. to 72 in.)
  • Bale carrier's low-profile design improves visibility and safety
  • Push bar moves bales to rear to make room for other bales
  • Walking beam axles and tires provide a smoother ride



Overall machine height 3.2 m
10.6 ft
Overall machine width 3.6 m
11.9 ft
Overall machine length 8.5 m
28 ft
Bed height 1.4 m
4.5 ft


Weight 3,788.9 kg
8,353 lb
Loaded capacity 10,886 kg
24,000 lb
Towing unit minimum weight 7,257.5 kg
16,000 lb

Bale capacity

Bale quantity Ten: 1.8x1.2 m
6x4 ft
Eight: 1.8x1.5 m
6x5 ft
Round bale diameter 1.8 m
6 ft
Round bale length 1.8 m
6 ft


Quantity Four
Size 32/15.5 x 16.5 14-ply Galaxy Tires on 12x16.5 Rims


Travel stroke 2.1 m
6.8 ft

Hubs and spindles

Hub type 8 Bolt
Hub capacity 3,268.7 kg
8,000 lb
Spindle diameter 7 cm
2.75 in.


Type Clevis
Hole size 3.2 cm
1.25 in.

Lighting, marking and safety

Transport safety lights Standard
Markings SMV and reflectors
Safety tow chain Standard
Jack Standard

Set-up time

Labor hours 1


Machine 1 year